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To the best of our knowledge there hasn’t been a children’s book that addresses the harsh reality of life for elephants in the circus. We want to change that.


The target audience for circuses is children – and if Kito’s story can make a child aware of the problem, the next when the circus comes to town – if it has “trained elephants” – that child won’t want to go.


This is how real change occurs. One heart at a time. One mind at a time.  People’s deepest held values are formed as children – and if our small book can help conscientious  parents ignite compassion in their child’s heart – we have done our job.


We will soon launch a fundraising campaign on to help pay for the first official printing of Kito’s story.  We’ve chosen to use this popular fundraising website so that we can offer a variety of incentives to people pledging money – everything from access into our “Team Kito Club” and signed copies of the book to original artwork and a personalized tour of the authors hometown with Team Kito!


This will be a limited edition printing of Kito’s inspiring story. All copies will be signed, numbered and dated by the book’s author, Peggy Cartier Batakis.  We’ll be offering a wide array of incentives to everyone who helps us bring Kito’s remarkable story to life… so please check back soon!


Also, if you or your friends work for any media outlet and think you could help us spread the word, please drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you.


Press contact: Daniel Cartier


The Kito Team.


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